About Us

Welcome to Kinkymicks,


We are a bunch of petrol heads into Volkswagens and other marks, we love the wild and wonderful, we specialise in vintage retro wheels from days gone by for VW's and Porsche's. We have been into it since man and boy... It runs in the blood.

We love the good, the bad and the ugly. It's what we do, we know some of that old stuff is ugly, but don't let that put you off as with the right rim and tyre choice you can pull it off. The secret? Just believe and remember… "The Wheel Maketh The Ride"

Recently we have released a collection of stickers, some might say they are pure filth, but we say there risqué and close to the bone, its all in the imagination. Over time we will cut and make these stickers obsolete for the love of the discerning sticker collector. 

We have also added to our merchandise a collection of clothing, but we only do small runs of these, and when they are gone, they are gone. This keeps things fresh and makes way for even more nonsense. 

We stand at a good few shows throughout the year here in the UK and Europe. Why don’t you check our show dates out and come and have a beer with us, hang out and get involved in some proper northern monkey business with good tunes to boot. 

We will also be adding a ‘parts’, ’cars for sale’ and ‘nonsense’ section to the website soon so come back and check it out 

Here at Kinkymicks HQ, the most important thing to us is your happiness, if your happy then we’re even happier. 


Be reasonable, demand the impossible and don't forget, ‘Keep on rocking in the in the free world’